Therapy Dough - SUN

Therapy Dough - SUN

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SUGGESTED FOR: Kids (3+), Grown-Ups

BRAND: Pinch Me Therapy Dough

BRAND HIGHLIGHTS: Unique Concept, Woman-Owned, Small Business, Made In USA


  • Pinch Me Therapy Dough's SUN Therapy Dough 
  • Created by clinical hypnotherapist, Nancy Rothner, who specializes in stress reduction
  • As seen on Shark Tank
  • Professionally developed, soft pliable dough infused with calming aromatherapy
  • How to use:  Massage between your fingers and feel the stress begin to fade away.  Use it while you're reading, studying, watching television, in a meeting… anywhere you want to unwind. The more you squeeze, the better you feel. It’s relaxation, in a pinch.
  • A simple, holistic, stress reduction technique that can be used anytime and anywhere, "in a pinch"
  • Relieve stress simply and naturally
  • Great for adults and kids!
  • SUN scent: A return to the restful, lazy days of summer. This tranquil fusion offers a subtle, fruity accord. Add a little brightness to your day with a simple twist of the cap. Get ready to shine on with Sun.
  • Weight: 3 oz

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