Amara's Enchanted Forest is taking the initiative to give back to our beautiful community. The Unicorns of Amara's Enchanted Forest want to put our pillars of kindness, compassion, mindfulness, and empathy into action. Check out some of our current non-profit projects below. More charitable actions coming soon from The AEF Team!

Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA)

Project: The Child Life Team works hard at CHLA to hold an annual Patient Prom for ill teenagers at the hospital who are unable to attend their own proms. They bring the whole shebang and give their kids a full-out prom experience using donated props, food, outfits, and accessories given by multiple kind-hearted businesses. We had the amazing opportunity to be one of those businesses this year!

AEF Contributions in 2024: Amara's Enchanted Forest donated 25 pieces from our magical collection of fancy dresses and separates to make the dreams of some of these teenagers come true! The theme this year was fairytale-based so we donated from our recent Disney Princess-inspired collection. Some can say it was meant to be!

A Personal Touch: One of our co-founders, Aroosa has a special relationship with CHLA, as her little brother with Treacher Collins Syndrome spent his entire childhood getting treated at CHLA. It was such a beautiful feeling for her to be able to give back to the hospital that aided her family for the first 18 years of her brother's life. We look forward to even more opportunities to give back to the wonderful kids and staff of CHLA!

Children's Hospital Orange County (CHOC) 

Project: The Child Life Team hosted an Oncology Patient Ball this year for the ill children at CHOC and needed some beautiful fancy outfits for their teenagers. This year's theme was Disco and they needed some very fun and flashy pieces that would make their patients feel special and seen on this special day for them - a perfect call for Amara's Enchanted Forest's whimsical style!

AEF Contributions in 2024: Amara's Enchanted Forest donated 24 pieces from our magical collection of magical dresses and separates to make sure CHOC's teens would look their upmost best on this special day! 

A Personal Touch: One of our co-founders, Nisha was raised in Orange County so this was a very special project to be able to directly give back to her community. We are prepared for even more opportunities with CHOC and the amazing things they do for their kids!