At Amara's Enchanted Forest (AEF), we want to give you a magical, guilt-free shopping experience. We want you to shop HAPPY with that golden heart of yours!

When you shop at AEF, you shop authentic brands that have a sense of purpose and integrity. We only carry brands that tell a special story and have high ethical standards. Brands carried on AEF come from all over the world too! We have sourced from the biggest cities in the USA: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, etc. We have also found very unique products from Canada, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan! All coming very soon!

For now, we have released the following brands on Amara's Enchanted Forest. Below, you will find brands that are small businesses, women-owned, POC-owned, family-owned, socially responsible, and/or environmentally conscious. ALL of them are here to spread a special message, and align with at least one of our AEF Pillars: KINDNESS, COMPASSION, MINDFULNESS, and EMPATHY.

Amara's Enchanted Forest is also proud to say that we are a WOC-owned business and fully POC-operated!

***Keep checking this page! As we release new product daily, you will see more and more of these UNICORN brands!***

Amy Lynn

Highlights: Women-Owned, Small Business, European-Inspired, Based Out Of Los Angeles (California, USA)

Based Out Of: Los Angeles, California, USA. Designed in London, UK.

About This Brand: Amy Lynn is a designer name and well-known fashion house based out of Los Angeles. All their designs are European trend-inspired, making them a leading apparel producer in the USA. Amy Lynn started off in London and branched out to Los Angeles. All apparel is reminiscent of London and Paris style street fashion - so many bold and vibrant styles! If you want a pair of one-of-a-kind metallic pants, Amy Lynn is the way to go! 

Aurora World

Highlights: Socially Responsible, Environmentally Conscious

Based Out Of: Los Angeles, California, USA

About This Brand: Aurora World has been around for about 40 years and is a global leader in high-quality plushies. We love Aurora World not only for their adorable plush toys, but also for their positive impact on multiple communities across the world. As a children's toy company, Aurora World has taken on issues that effect kids today. They donate and work with nonprofit organizations like KIDS (Kids in Distressed Situations) in the USA, NBCS (National Blind Children's Society) in the UK, and The National Children's Leukemia Foundation in Korea. This doesn't even include their donations to hospitals in the USA. 

Apart from lending a hand to children in need, Aurora World has also recently taken some pretty big steps towards reducing their carbon footprint. They have reduced paper usage in their company by 30%, transitioned from plastic fill in their plushies to post-consumer fill (recycled material), began utilizing eco-friendly recycled biopolymer pellets in their products, replaced their satin sewn-in labels with recycled satin, are creating their hang tags with 100% recycled paper, and have reinstated many of their shipping components in their warehouses with recycled substitutes. Usually, large companies do the bare minimum to please their aware customers. Aurora World has been implementing a broader strategy to truly impact their effect on the planet. 

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Baby Sara

Highlights: AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander)-Owned, POC-Owned, Family-Owned, Small Business

Based Out Of: Los Angeles, California, USA

About This Brand: Baby Sara is part of the SaraSara family. SaraSara is the parent company to sister brands Baby Sara, Hannah Banana, and Truly Me. SaraSara is the epitome of achieving the American dream by an immigrant family. The company is family run and at the top of its game, providing the girls market with the most trendy and one-of-a-kind apparel. 

Baby Sara specifically, is a toddler and little girl line that creates uniquely embellished dresses and separates that are super fun, yet light and delicate. Baby Sara is a natural born trendsetter that high-fashion moms are obsessed with.


Highlights: Woman-Owned, Small Business, Based Out Of Texas (USA)

Based Out Of: Texas, USA

About This Brand: BuddyLove is an adorable small business with an even cuter backstory. BuddyLove is founded by two best friends that bonded over LisaFrank in fifth grade and ended up started their own vibrant clothing line as adults. All their apparel is extremely bold and trendy. Their dresses are literally TO DIE FOR. Check out their unique pieces in our magical little online boutique!

Cake Decor UK

Highlights: High-Quality Ingredients, Environmentally Conscious, Made in The UK

Based Out Of: Glasgow, UK

About This Brand: UK's largest manufacturer of cake decorations, providing the most innovative cake decor products. Cake Decor UK provides small artisans and small businesses throughout Europe with unique sprinkles and cake decorating tools. Cake Decor UK also creates gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and non-titanium dioxide products to cater to a diverse customer base while keeping various allergies and diets in mind. Product packaging is recyclable and environmentally conscious. And, their creations are simply magical!

Cloud Ten

Highlights: Woman-Owned, Small Business, Based Out Of Los Angeles (California, USA)

Based Out Of: Los Angeles (California, USA)

About This Brand: Cloud Ten is a small women-owned fashion house based out of Los Angeles. All of Cloud Ten's designs offer a diverse range of clothing that appeals to the modern woman who wants to take it up a notch. Shop this brand's beautiful and vibrant apparel from our magical boutique!


Highlights: Social Good, Eco-Friendly, Unique Concept, Small Business, Made In USA

Based Out Of: Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

About This Brand: Cubles is an awesome American brand that makes unique and magical STEM toys for kids. STEM toys are are science, technology, engineering, and/or math-based toys geared towards learning, curiosity, and education. STEM toys are learning toys that spark imagination and help the mind develop fine motor skills while enhancing critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills. Cubles's STEM toys are award-winning and recognized by NAPPA Parents Awards as best in STEM activity and awarded Pop Insider Geeky Gift Award. Cubles is also locally made in the US and is 100% for the planet. Which means that ever Cubles toy is made from 100% cublestock, a sturdy paperboard that is 100% recyclable. Cubles is committed to finding materials that are sustainable and won't hurt the planet or communities from product to packaging! Cubles also plants 100 tress for every 1 tree that goes into creating their toys. Their motto is that they come from trees, so it's part of who they are to look out for them. What an amazing and aware brand!

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Do + Be Collection

Highlights: Small Business, Based Out Of Los Angeles (California, USA)

Based Out Of: USA

About This Brand: Do + Be Collection is a small business concentrated on young contemporary apparel. All their designs are both sophisticated and whimsical, creating the most unique looks for women everywhere. Their apparel is for the modern woman who wants to set herself apart through a very unique style. Support this small fashion house via our little magical boutique!

Duncan Shotton

Highlights: Positive Message, Eco-Friendly, British-Designed, Artist-Owned, Small Business, Made in Korea

Based Out Of: Bristol, UK

About This Brand: Duncan Shotton is a highly innovative artist that creates the most magical and unique office and home products. Everything is designed in his studio based out of Bristol, UK. Duncan's mission is to produce novelty items that engage people emotionally, promote happiness, and ensure that people love what they're doing no matter where they are, hence the super cool office supplies! All packaging is made from eco-friendly recycled paper. A truly magical small business lead by an exceptionally creative wizard!

Effie's Paper

Highlights: Black-Owned, WOC-Owned, Woman-Owned, Small Business, Positive Message

Based Out Of: New York City, New York, USA

About This Brand: Effie's Paper is a unique lifestyle brand by powerhouse, Kalyn Johnson Chandler (epic Black Girl Magic!). Kalyn created the brand to bring forth cool and on-trend accessories for work and travel. Her belief is that a woman should be surrounded by happy, fun, and pretty accessories where ever she goes. 

Effie's Paper's brand origin story is also pretty epic, being named after Kalyn's late maternal grandmother, Mrs. Effie Hayes. Effie was a stylish woman who was also a "stickler for pocketbooks filled with hankies and red lipstick, proper undergarments and a well-written thank you note." Kayln got her sense of style from Effie. Effie also worked for a greeting card company and kept tons of boxes of notecards and always had the perfect card for every occasion. Thus, the inspiration and motivation behind Effie's Paper. What a beautiful and touching story! We are thrilled to add Effie's Paper into our collection of amazing Unicorn brands!

Flair Chocolatier

Highlights: High-Quality Ingredients, Premium Chocolate, Woman-Led, Small Business, Socially Responsible

Based Out Of: New York City, New York, USA

About This Brand: Flair Chocolatier is a highly unique brand that creates some of the most exquisite and distinctive chocolate bars in the market. Flair Chocolatier is run by Head Chocolate Designer, Genie Kwon, who is a renowned New York City pasty chef. Genie was named 2017's "Pastry Chef of the Year" by Esquire magazine and is known for bringing flavor and exotic ingredients from around the world into Flair's chocolates. "Genie has designed each chocolate bar to convey the excitement of one of the world's culinary capitals." - Flair Chocolatier.

Flair Chocolatier is known for its Ruby Chocolate Bars, which take a very artistic and extensive process to make. Flair sources the finest ruby cocoa beans (cocoa beans that create naturally pink chocolate) from Ecuador and Brazil. Then, the cocoa beans are imported into Belgium, where the luxury-quality Ruby Chocolate is created. And, it doesn't end there folks! The Ruby Chocolate is then transported to New York City to be finished. The one chocolate bar that you purchase has gone through the efforts of two highly-talented chefs and has traveled through three different beautiful countries. Flair has also released region-themed chocolate bars that include even more worldly and delicious ingredients. Check out the NYC, Paris, and Tokyo Ruby Chocolate Bars HERE. And, if you are a dark chocolate lover, Flair creates a scrumptious French Dark Chocolate Bar as well!

If delicious, high-end luxury chocolates aren't enough, Flair Chocolatier also donates a portion of its proceeds to OneSky. OneSky is an organization that tirelessly works to better the lives of impoverished children. Learn more about OneSky, HERE.

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Flying Tomato

Highlights: Woman-Owned, Small Business, Based Out Of Los Angeles

Based Out Of: Los Angeles, California, USA

About This Brand: A brand born in the heart of Los Angeles, Flying Tomato takes inspiration from vintage fashion and translates it into eclectic, modern pieces. This brand has a strong passion for bold colors and vibrant prints. Every piece is eye-catching and one-of-a-kind. Flying Tomato's goal is to cover the world in color and we're totally here for it! Also, how COOL of a name is Flying Tomato?!

Girl Nation

Highlights: Woman-Owned, AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander)-Owned, POC-Owned, Small Business

Based Out Of: Los Angeles, California, USA

About This Brand: Girl Nation creates magical jewelry and accessories for little and big girls. Their goal is to create special pieces that bring a smile to a little girl's face by incorporating popular and trending magical themes. Girl Nation's collections include unicorns, mermaids, rainbows, mermaids, and many more cute little creatures. All jewelry is kid safe, so hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead-free!

Hannah Banana

Highlights: AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander)-Owned, POC-Owned, Family-Owned, Small Business

Based Out Of: Los Angeles, California, USA

About This Brand: Hannah Banana is part of the SaraSara family. SaraSara is the parent company to sister brands Baby Sara, Hannah Banana, and Truly Me. SaraSara is the epitome of achieving the American dream by an immigrant family. The company is family run and at the top of its game, providing the girls market with the most trendy and one-of-a-kind apparel. 

Hannah Banana is a little and big girl line that is trend heavy. All styles are extremely fun, vibrant, and right on trend. Hannah Banana seems to be about standing out in the crowd, pushing girls to own their style and authenticity. 

Happy Sprinkles

Highlights: Woman-Owned, Women-Run, Small Business, Made in Germany

Based Out Of: Hamburg, Germany

About This Brand: Happy Sprinkles is a growing small business whose goal is to spread joy worldwide through delicious, bright sprinkles. The Happy Sprinkles team loves to add glitter to everything! The founders of Happy Sprinkles created their colorful business because they were unable to find dramatic, bold sprinkle mixes for their baked goods. So they ended up creating their own with a touch of pure magic! You can add any of their gorgeous mixes to jazz up cakes, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, and other baked goodies!

Harvey Prince Organics

Highlights: High-Quality, Pregnancy-Safe, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Organic-Certified, Eco-Conscious, Small Business

Based Out Of: Hackensack, New Jersey, USA

About This Brand: Harvey Prince Organics was founded to revolutionize the American beauty industry by providing high-quality, eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, organic, yet affordable fragrances and body products for pregnant women. The brand was founded by two brothers who wanted to create the perfect Mother's Day gift for their highly inspirational Queen Mama. This brand is organic-certified and PETA-approved as well. Plus, all scents used in Harvey Prince Organics are designed to bring a special type of enchantment to your senses. If any adjective could be used to describe a Harvey Prince Organics' scent, it would simply be "magical." 

Hugimals World

Highlights: Unique Concept. Woman-Owned, Small Business, Based In New York City (New York, USA)

Based Out Of: New York City, New York, USA

About This Brand: Hugimals World is the most magical plush brand out there with the most unique product concept! This magical brand was created by health and wellness journalist and former editor at Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour, Marina Khidekel. Marina fell in love with weighted blankets before they became widely used outside of the special needs community and took it to the next level by creating weighted plushies! We love plushies! Marina was battling anxiety and insomnia herself, so her weighted plush toy design would be an awesome solution for her and others facing her same (and sadly, very common) mental health issues. Hugimals are meant to be comforting for both kids and adults. They're cuddly, luxe, loveable, and wasily washable. They're even great for travel! At Amara's Enchanted Forest, they're definitely our Unicorn staff's favorite!


Highlights: Eco-Friendly, Socially Good, Woman-Owned, Small Business, Based In In Netherlands (Amsterdam), Made In Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Based Out Of: Amsterdam, Netherlands

About This Brand: IMYOGI was created to bring yoga and mindfulness to kids of all ages. The idea was to help kids of all ages develop self-confidence, body awareness, and general mindfulness. The founder of IMYOGI, Florence, wanted to introduce yoga to a little one but struggled to find yoga cards that were inclusive and diverse to have her little one really connect with the illustrations.  So, she created her own Yoga card decks (and more) for kids that include an array of diverse character illustrations and really concentrated on inclusivity. A beautiful brand pushing an amazing practice while taking on a wondrous mission of equality! We're here for it!


Highlights: Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Organic, Gluten-Free, Alcohol-Free, Eco-Friendly, Small Business, Made In USA

Based Out Of: Hackensack, New Jersey, USA

About This Brand: Kerabotanica is a unique brand that takes high-quality and functional hair care products and adds an emphasis on fragrance. Think perfume, but for hair! And, hair perfume that's actually beneficial for hair health! All products are handcrafted in the USA and vary for all types of hair types and textures. Say hello to inclusive, unique, and clean haircare!

Last Straw Shop

Highlights: Handmade, Eco-Friendly, Socially-Responsible, Mom-Owned, Woman-Owned

Based Out Of: USA

About This Brand: The Last Straw Shop is founded and run by mom of four, Emily Kazmaier. The business aims to replace plastic straws with reusable stainless steel straws as the healthier alternative for our planet. The company emphasizes that approximately 500 million straws are used daily in the USA alone, and take approximately 200 years to break down. As a concerned mother, Emily strives to push the use of steal straws in replacement of plastic ones so that she can make a real difference for future generations.


Highlights: Unique Story, Handmade, Small Batch, Mom-Owned, Woman-Owned, Family-Run, Small Business, Made in USA

Based Out Of: Colorado, USA

About This Brand: Leebrick is a highly inspirational family-run small business that makes the most magical bath products. Leebrick was founded by Alicia, a hard-working and creative mother that was motivated to design unique products to help her interact with her nonverbal daughter with PURA syndrome, the beautiful Adalyn. Her end product turned out to be a collection of gorgeous bath items that unleash rainbows and harness the power of the mightiest unicorns. Be transported to a land of wonder and magic with each scent and impact of a Leebrick bath bomb!

Lola + The Boys

Highlights: Mom-Owned, Woman-Owned, Small Business, Based out of Chicago (Illinois, USA)

Based Out Of: Chicago, Illinois, USA

About This Brand: Lola + The Boys was founded by Irina Ovrutsky, a fashion model and fashionista from Chicago. She named the brand after her 3 children, Lola and her sons. The brand pushes kids' fashion by reimagining the rules and releasing apparel that is "outrageously fun, comfy, and totally doable." The mompreneur (mom entrepreneur) really utilizes her inner artist and kid to come out and play when she designs for this super fun brand and we are here for it! 

Main Strip

Highlights: Woman-Owned, Small Business, Based Out Of Los Angeles (California, USA)

Based Out Of: Los Angeles, California, USA

About This Brand: Main Strip is a young contemporary brand created by young fashionistas. Main Strip's goal is to make women feel feminine and confident without burning holes in their pockets! Their aesthetic is fun and trendy, yet highly sophisticated. All their pieces are usually exciting, yet have a hint of pure elegance. Shop their one-of-a-kind styles from Amara's Enchanted Forest! 


Highlights: Unique Concept, Indigenous Person-Owned, POC-Owned, Woman-Owned, Small Business

Based Out Of: Ocala, Florida, USA

About This Brand: ModaPosa is a true design-centered brand that takes inspiration from the designer's travels to Southern Italy and the Mediterranean. Every dress is inspired by the color combinations, fresh atmospheres, and flowy silhouettes found in said regions. ModaPosa's goal is to create a fun brand that encapsulates all of the magic found in these captivating areas. 

Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

Highlights: High-Quality Ingredients, Premium Chocolate, Small Business, Made in Portland (Oregon, USA), Socially Responsible

Based Out Of: Portland, Oregon, USA

About This Brand: Moonstruck Chocolate Co. makes delicious chocolate goodies using ethically-sourced chocolate, elevated with fresh local ingredients from Portland. They create each treat with a touch of magic, and then wrap it in wonder. Moonstruck Chocolate Co. also has a strong ethics-based small business structure. This chocolatier believes that their magic cannot exist with the presence of injustice and inequality. They work hard to "close the opportunity and achievement gaps that exist between people of all race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status." Moonstruck Chocolate Co. views all their business practices through "the lens of Diversity Equity and Inclusion." The company is also involved with organizations such as B.E.A.M. (Black Education Achievement Movement) Village, Girl Scouts, Oregon Community Foundation, The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, The Q Center, and the Youth Music Project. What a UNICORN of a brand!

Moon Light Sticker Co.

Highlights: Mom & Daughter-Run, Woman-Owned, Positive Message, Small Business, Made In USA

Based Out Of: Largo, Florida, USA

About This Brand: Created and ran by an eccentric mother-daughter team, Moon Light Sticker Co. designs, curates, and develops high-quality vinyl stickers. Their goal to to bring a smile on your face with sweet, sassy, sometimes snarky, and socially aware products. You can use Moon Light Sticker Co. stickers to express your mood, personality, and story by embellishing and customize your belongings. 

OMG Accessories

Highlights: Woman-Owned, Small Business

Based Out Of: New York City, New York, USA

About This Brand: OMG Accessories is an iconic brand in the magical fashion world of kids and tweens. Believe it or not, but the brand was launched out of a Chicago apartment by Anne Harper. Today, it is based out of one of the largest cities in the world, New York City. OMG Accessories has a very prominent aesthetic: UNICORNS. And we love it! You can find every type of girls bags from crossbodies to backpacks to luggage in the shape of an adorable, magical unicorn face. SO CUTE!


Highlights: High-Quality Ingredients, Organic, Environmentally Conscious, Socially Responsible, Made in Iceland

Based Out Of: Reykjavík, Iceland

About This Brand:¬†Omnom is a luxury chocolate brand founded in Iceland by two best friends: Kjartan G√≠slason (passionate chef) and √ďskar √ě√≥r√įarson (entrepreneur). Omnom chocolates are handmade in small batches in Iceland. They are¬†made with¬†Icelandic milk powder¬†and the¬†finest¬†cocoa beans from around the world. Their cocoa beans are sourced from Madagascar, Tanzania, and Nicaragua. Since Omnom does¬†obtain¬†its cocoa beans from outside regions, they have made it a mission to "source with care, placing ethics, sustainability, and transparency at the heart of the process." Omnom purchases all sourced ingredients by direct trade to evaluate the social, environmental, and economic impact of its business. So not only are their chocolates¬†gourmet and unique, they are also ethically created!

Another very cool aspect of Omnom is its design aesthetic, which combines "fantastical creatures (hello Unicorns!), surrealism, pop art, and contemporary Nordic architectural design." Unlike your traditional chocolate bars that are built to be broken into square pieces, Omnom chocolate bars are designed to be broken into geometric shards. So cool!

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Highlights: Woman-Owned, Socially Responsible

Based Out Of: San Diego, California, USA

About This Brand: Ooly creates fun, happy, and colorful art and writing supplies to brighten school and art spaces. Every product is made with a hint of magic and delight. Ooly has been around for 15 years, making sure kids have a little something special to spark their creativity and express themselves. In addition to bringing a smile on a child's face through their products, Ooly also works with AdoptAClassroom on a national level to empower teachers by providing the supplies and materials they need to help their students learn and succeed.  

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PaperCraft World

Highlights: Eco-Friendly, Socially Responsible, Small Business

Based Out Of: Sheridan, Wyoming, USA

About This Brand: A highly unique paper crafting business that brings arts & crafts enthusiasts the ability to create the most beautiful art pieces for their homes and personal use. PaperCraft World's goal is to spark your imagination with modern polygonal designs that you can complete by yourself or with friends and family, creating for an amazing bonding experience. PaperCraft World is also a sponsor of the Conservation Circle by Rainforest Trust, a non-profit organization that protects the most threatened tropical rainforests and endangered wildlife. All PaperCraft World products use 100% recycled materials and are fully recyclable themselves. Wow!

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Par Avion Tea

Highlights: High-Quality Ingredients, Artisan, Socially Responsible, Made In USA, Woman-Owned, WOC-Owned, POC-Owned

Based Out Of: San Francisco, California, USA

About This Brand: Par Avion Tea is a luxury, high-end tea company founded by millennial entrepreneur and mom, Alexandra Mysoor. Alexandra is of Indian descent, and was inspired to create the Par Avion Tea brand by the care packages she used to receive in college by her mother. These packages would be filled with tea, spices, and knit-knacks from India. Alexandra wanted to bring this "micro-moment of joy" to others. So, she came up with a brand that not only recreates a 5,000 year old product, but adds a very magical twist.

Par Avion Tea teas are a combination of a traditional tea blended with all sorts of unique and rare ingredients. You will find teas that not only taste delicious, but also change color, steep pink, have bursting flowers, and even sparkle like glitter! The company sources ingredients from all over the world and produces in an artisan method by hand-picking and hand-sorting only the finest ingredients. Then, the teas are prepared in small batches. A luxury tea loved by the likes of Refinery29, Glamour, Vogue, Popsugar, and Forbes.  

Another great aspect of Par Avion Tea is that for every tin purchased, Par Avion Tea gives one day of education to a child in need. What a Unicorn of a brand!

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Pinch Me Therapy Dough

Highlights: Unique Concept, Woman-Owned, Small Business, Made In USA

Based Out Of: Milton, Delaware, USA

About This Brand: Pinch Me Therapy Dough was created by Nancy Rothner, a clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in stress reduction. Nancy first-hand witnessed the toll tension takes on the body and mind and wanted to create a stress reduction technique thats simple, holistic, and can be used anywhere and at any time. Hence, the creation of Pinch Me Therapy Dough! Pinch Me Therapy Dough is "a non-prescription, drug free, as-needed relief supplement that stressed-out souls could use in a pinch." The amazing dough is also infused with calming aromatherapy-based scents. Such an amazing wellness product!


Highlights: Positive Message, Woman-Owned, Small Business, Made In The USA

Based Out Of: Livermore, California, USA

About This Brand: Pippy is a lifestyle brand founded by Alicia Shaffer. The line is inspired by the pursuit of happiness, friendship, freedom, and comfort - what a lovely brand identity! Just like Amara's Enchanted Forest (AEF), Pippy's goal is to bring you one-of-a-kind pieces in the apparel, jewelry, and accessory realms. Stay tuned as we keep adding their unique products to our website! Check out this AMAZING Rainbow Ombre Maxi Dress that says it all! 

Pure Sugar Candy

Highlights: Woman-Owned, Small Business, Made In USA, Nut-Free, Contains No Allergens

Based Out Of: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

About This Brand: Pure Sugar Candy is a custom-made hard candy company that creates the most adorably presented treats. Their hard candy comes in multiple creative flavors and shapes. Their ingredients are very minimal, so no harsh chemicals in this yummy candy! The candies are also made in a nut-free facility, free of allergens. Basically, a PURE and perfect little sweet treat for all to enjoy!

Scoria World Inc.

Highlights: Small Batch, Eco-Friendly, Socially Good, Woman-Owned, Small Business, Based In Canada

Based Out Of: Toronto, Canada

About This Brand: Scoria World was started by Yara, a 25-year-old fashion school graduate from Toronto, who felt like she lost her creativity after graduating. As a designer, artist, and registered yoga teacher, Yara also felt indirect societal pressures to succeed and look fit in a world of physical values and rules. Yara realized that "growing up" seemed to strip her of who she really is and made her very self conscious. She wasn't able to be herself, play, express, or believe in art again like she used to as a child. So, Yara came up with the concept of Scoria World, creating beautifully created cork yoga mats with children-inspired art to help adults reconnect with their inner child through creativity and movement. And of course, she also had to make them in kids' sizes! Scoria World mats serve a purpose of encouraging movement, bodily and mind curiosity, and kindness towards out planet. Yara truly created such a lovely brand and product concept!  

Sigma Beauty

Highlights: Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Vegan, Clean Beauty Promise, Patented Design, Cult-Following, Run by 90% Female Team

Based Out Of: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

About This Brand: Sigma Beauty is a unique science-meets-beauty brand that has created a large cult-following. Sigma was created by the Xaviers, a power-couple compromised of a molecular bacteriologist and civil engineer. They started with ONE brush, and instantly sold out. All Sigma brushes are made of the highest quality material and unmatched durability created by science. All their makeup is vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free (take that allergies!). And most importantly, everything is made cruelty-free (PETA approved). To top all this greatness in one beauty brand, Sigma also happens to have a 90% female team and continuously pairs with nonprofit organizations like The Pink Fund. Behold, the Unicorn of the beauty industry. 

Smarty Pants Paper Co.

Highlights: Woman-Owned, Small Business

Based Out Of: Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

About This Brand: Smarty Pants Paper Co. is owned and ran by Kate, a bold artist whose passion for art and printing started at a mere nine years old. Kate began her company by designing stationaries in her bedroom, and now owns this bustling small business whose products can be found all over the USA. Smarty Pants Paper Co. is all about bright colors, bold graphics, and vintage style. The sassy "Smarty Pants" pencils alone give anyone the enthusiasm to keep working and hustling with a positive attitude. 


Highlights: Social Good, Eco Conscious, Small Business, Made In USA

Based Out Of: Linden, New Jersey, USA

About This Brand:¬†Snifty, or the "Willy Wonka of Writing," was created in 2009 to showcase Auracell¬ģ, an eco-friendly plastic derived from sustainable resources that encapsulates long-lasting scents. They have been emphasizing fun and function in pens (and more) since! Snifty's first product launch¬†included adorable scented pens that took the pen industry by storm. Now, they produce all kinds of fun and vibrant writing utensils! Snifty's major mission is¬†to¬†keep creating high-quality products at affordable prices. Snifty even has a Fundraising Division that has helped raise millions for schools and charitable associations since their foundation. How cool?!


Highlights: Small Business, Based out of Los Angeles (California, USA)

Based Out Of: Los Angeles, California, USA

About This Brand: Storia is a unique fashion brand that pushes the envelope in the young contemporary world when it comes to unique fabric, patterns, and colors. Their clothing line is always one-of-a-kind and magical! Storia claims to take inspiration from women around them. Their friends, family, coworkers, and the women behind Storia itself! Shop their whimsical designs to enter an enchanted world!


Highlights: Woman-Owned, AAPI-Owned, Small Business, Based Out Of Los Angeles (California, USA)

Based Out Of: Los Angeles, California, USA

About This Brand: Sugarlips is clothing brand located in the heart of Los Angeles. Sugarlips started with a small line of sweaters and is now dominating in North America when it comes to seamless apparel. Sugarlips's style is contemporary, trendy, yet affordable. The Sugarlips design team constantly pushes the envelope to innovate and create revolutionary pieces of clothing. We're personally in LOVE with their ombre rainbow cardigan! 

Taylor Elliot Designs

Highlights: Woman-Owned, Small Business, Positive Message

Based Out Of: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

About This Brand: Taylor Elliot Designs is run by artist, Taylor Elliot. This brand exudes positivity and creativity. Taylor's whole design aesthetic revolves around upbeat messages, pops or color, and lots of sparkle! The goal is to basically brighten and stylize the workplace. Taylor Elliot Designs creates the most fun and vibrant pieces to add to a Unicorn Queen's office. There is also an underlaying message of women uplifting other women. Taylor herself, gives back by mentoring and training other similar small businesses so they can reach their entrepreneurial goals. What a sweet Unicorn!

The Future Is Bamboo

Highlights: Vegan, Eco-Friendly, Socially Responsible, Woman-Owned, Small Business

Based Out Of: Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

About This Brand: The Future Is Bamboo is a family-run small business with an emphasis on spreading awareness about environmental issues. The brand started with an eco-friendly alternative to prevent the 4.9 billion plastic toothbrushes that end up in oceans and landfills annually by using bamboo instead of plastic. Bamboo is biodegradable, naturally antimicrobial, and highly sustainable. It can grow up to 36 inches in one day, which makes it an amazing resource. The bamboo used is also from the MOSO variety, which is not the the type that pandas eat so there is no depletion of their main food source. This was a huge factor for the vegan brand. Today, The Future Is Bamboo has grown to include a line of plastic-free straws, utensils, and even cotton swabs, but their most magical product remains to be the rainbow bamboo toothbrush, available in both adult and kid sizes - get yours today!

The Little Coach House

Highlights: Handmade, Eco-Friendly, Award-Winning Products, Family-Owned, Small Business, Based In The UK, Made In The UK

Based Out Of: New Forest, The United Kingdom

About This Brand: The Little Coach House is a family-run business with a passion for creating beautiful and educational resources to inspire children through play (But, their magical products can be utilized by adults too!). Each product is inspired by the founding couple's teaching experience in primary school and their passion for Montessori learning. The Little Coach House team believes that children learn best when they are involved and all their senses are engaged. Their tracing boards are designed based on the Montessori approach, which encourages hands-on learning for children. Their award-winning products are handmade by The Little Coach House team from solid beech wood and finished in natural raw oil that keeps the beautiful color of the wood and protects it longterm. Their educational cards are made from recycled eco-craft card and stored in cotton bags. There is technically no plastic in sight when it comes to The Little Coach House! From product to packaging, everything is sustainable, recycled, and/or recyclable! And, we LOVE this! 

The Mighty Company

Highlights: Woman-Owned, Small Business, Positive Message

Based Out Of: Los Angeles, California, USA

About This Brand: The Mighty Company is an LA-based luxury outerwear brand that has expanded into all types of other cool apparel, like loungewear! This amazing company was founded by visual artist, Jessie Willner, who designed the most gorgeous women's high-end leather jackets. Now, The Mighty Company releases all types of apparel, but with the original design aesthetic of Jessie Willner: '90s West Coast. The Mighty Company has been praised by the likes of Vogue, Refinery29, Forbes, The New York Times, and so forth! Not to mention, their style is truly a unicorn of a find!

The Positive Planner

Highlights: Social Good, Mom-Owned, Women-Owned, Small Business, Based In The UK, Made In The UK

Based Out Of: The United Kingdom

About This Brand: The Positive Planner was created by two mompreneurs (mom entrepreneurs) who were struggling with their mental health. They were both also avid stationaries lovers so they combined their passion for written organization and their mental health wellness journeys and created The Positive Planner. The Positive Planner started with one planner + guided journal, and now has 5 variations! They even released a super amazing one for kids! Check it out HERE!

The Positive Planner's mission is to have everyone make their mental health a priority in life! They want to give people the power to take the initiative over their mental health and therefore they create efficient (and vibrant) tools to do so. According to the founders, their journals are meant to be "a toolbox at hand which brings joy into your every day, promotes daily positivity and encourages self-care and gratitude for a truly positive mindset." Yes, mental health!

Truly Me

Highlights: AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander)-Owned, POC-Owned, Family-Owned, Small Business

Based Out Of: Los Angeles, California, USA

About This Brand: 

Truly Me is part of the SaraSara family. SaraSara is the parent company to sister brands Baby Sara, Hannah Banana, and Truly Me. SaraSara is the epitome of achieving the American dream by an immigrant family. The company is family run and at the top of its game, providing the girls market with the most trendy and one-of-a-kind apparel. 

Truly Me is a big girl line that caters to independent tweens. This line is for the bold and vivacious girls that may, or may not, be in a hurry to grow up. They are big girls, and they want to dress like the respective big girls in their lives, A.K.A. their moms and/or older sisters. Truly Me caters to these adorable, inspiring tweens by providing them with grown-ish styles, while still maintaining a sense of childlike magic. 

Quality Sprinkles (Q-Sprinkles)

Highlights: Natural/Clean Ingredients, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal Certified, Kosher Certified, Made In The United Kingdom

Based Out Of: Welwyn Garden City, England, UK

About This Brand: Quality Sprinkles, also known as Q-Sprinkles, is a true unicorn of a company! This UK-based business creates the most beautiful sprinkle mixes for all your fancy cakes, and they do this using the most cleanest and purest ingredients. They choose natural coloring over artificial. And, they cater to consumers with all types of allergies and special diets. All of Q-Sprinkles's products are free of GMO's, gluten, soy, diary, and animal product. All their products are also Halal and Kosher certified...WOW!

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Yellow Owl Workshop

Highlights: Woman-Run, Family-Owned, Small Business, Made In San Francisco (USA), Positive Message

Based Out Of: San Fransisco, California, USA

About This Brand: Yellow Owl Workshop is a quirky and whimsical brand from one of the most creative and free-minded cities in the world, San Fransisco. The brand is run by artist, Christine Schmidt who comes up with pro-woman, pro-fun designs and translates them into wearable product. Everything from this brand screams UNICORN MAGIC...and we are obsessed!

Zomi Gems + Tiny Treats

Highlights: Mom-Owned, Small Business

Based Out Of: USA

About This Brand: Zomi Gems + Tiny Treats is a super fun girls' accessory brand founded by a sweet mom of two baby girls. The founder of Zomi Gems + Tiny Treats had an obsession with dressing up her little girls, and though she was able to find all kinds of apparel for her daughters, she had a very tough time finding trendy jewelry and accessories for them. So, this supermom decided to create her own brand of girls jewelry and accessories at budget friendly prices. Now, we have Zomi Gems + Tiny Treats, a bold kids line full of all types of beautiful jewels and more!

54 Celsius

Highlights: Woman-Owned, Artist-Owned, Small Business

Based Out Of: UK & USA

About This Brand: 54 Celsius is all about candles. They have taken the 150 year-old invention and given it a unique twist. Their main slogan is "We didn't think candles had to be boring..." With that being said, 54 Celsius defines candles as a way to set the mood and communicate via ambiance and scent. They strive to enhance the conversation by bringing us candles that are so beautiful and unique that they easily steal the show. 54 Celsius also happens to be co-founded and co-run by artist, Thorunn Arnadottir. She is a talented being from Iceland who is behind the creation of the famous unicorn candle! Shop now!