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Amara's Enchanted Forest (AEF) is a magical shopping experience created for unicorn lovers of all ages. Our goal is to provide all Queens and Princesses with the most enchanting product choices varying from apparel, accessories, beauty, office/school, and yummy treats! Our hard-working unicorns source the most unique brands from all over the world so you can have an amazing variety to choose from. Read more about the one-of-a-kind brands we carry HERE.

Amara's Enchanted Forest is also proud to say that we are a WOC-owned business and fully POC-operated!


meet Amara

Meet Amara! She is the sassy inspiration behind the creation of Amara's Enchanted Forest. Amara is the daughter of one of our Unicorn Founders. She brings laughter and joy into our world. We took her little imaginative world full of unicorns and magic, and turned it into an enchanted forest for all unicorn lovers alike! We want AEF to be a unique shopping experience for both women and girls, a.k.a. our Queens and Princesses. We want you to feel and see through the same rainbow lenses as the beautiful four-year-old soul named, Amara.

Never grow up! It's a trick!


Amara's Enchanted Forest is a unique, unicorn-run realm that is surrounded by forest and held up by The Pillars. The Pillars are our code of ethics that we follow to maintain our magical powers. The Pillars are also a daily practice for all the unicorns and magical creatures residing in our enchanted forest. When shopping in Amara's Enchanted Forest, we ask that all Queens and Princesses uphold these values while roaming here. If you can take The Pillars home with you, even better!


Be nice. We promise that it's not that hard! Did you know that it physically takes more energy to NOT be nice? Why waste all that beautiful energy? Why ruin someone else's day? What goes around, comes around. So spread kindness! Not negativity!


Unfortunately, the human world does not treat everyone the same. A sad reality about the human world is that it is, not at all, fair. Remember that some have it harder than others. You don't know the story of the person waiting in line in front of you at a coffee shop. Or the story of the coffee shop's cashier. They could be having an awful day, or year (Need we remind you of COVID-19?). So have some compassion for your fellow humans, Queens, Princesses, unicorns, fairies, and whatever other creatures you might cross paths with. Compassion makes your heart grow. Don't leave it behind!


Live in the moment, and be aware. Aware of your surroundings. Aware of your company. Aware of your actions. Try to notice your effects on other humans and creatures alike. Sometimes, we can unintentionally hurt others. Once you realize you are hurting someone (even by accident), stop and adjust your behavior. It's okay. Humans (and even magical creatures) have "oopsie" moments. Mindfulness helps us be in the present moment so we can better ourselves, and it also keeps us very much grounded.


A key trait we must all learn to use and carry. Empathy is the ability to understand another's feelings. It's the ability to read hearts. And, guess what? It's a natural born power gifted to not only the magical creatures of Amara's Enchanted Forest, but to humans as well! And, do you know what the key is to unleash this power of empathy? An open ear and an open mind. Listen and understand. That's how you will be able to communicate with another heart. Have some empathy, always.

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