DIY Unicorn Wall Mount

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SUGGESTED FOR: Women, Big Girls (12+), Little Girls (under 12) with the help of their parents

BRAND: PaperCraft World

BRAND HIGHLIGHTS: Eco-Friendly, Socially Responsible, Small Business 


  • PRE-CUT and PRE-FOLDED PaperCraft
  • A true art piece to create on your own and showcase in your castle
  • Taken straight from fairy tales and daydreams, this 3D kirigami wall mount is shaped like a magical unicorn
  • Whimsical, fun, and mountable, the paper bust is best displayed as cute wall art in a nursery, kid's room, or playroom
  • Enjoy a calming and rewarding experinece
  • Bring life and character to any room
  • An excellent bonding activity for family and friends of all ages
  • Disconnect from devices and reconnect to creativity
  • Comes in practical pre-cut and pre-creased number pieces
  • Not intended for only art and crafts enthusiasts - made for anyone and everyone! Just requires a little bit of patience!
  • Follow instructions and have fun!
  • 100% recycled materials and fully recyclable
  • Difficulty Level: 3 Stars, NORMAL
  • Measures  HxWxD (cm/in): 50cm x 25cm x 54cm / 19.7" x 9.8" x 21.2"
  • Material: Fortified 250gsm paperboard (pearlescent) - in other words, it's strong!
  • NOTE: No scissors needed. Tacky art glue or double-sided tape should be used for assembly. Due to shipping regulations, we cannot include this in the shipment, so you must acquire it separately. It is possible to also add resin and/or spray paint the model after the assembly - feel free to get creative!

    this is a unicorn brand!

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