November-giving Is Here - Get Started On Holiday Gifts!

November: The Month Of Giving + Preparing

At Amara's Enchanted Forest, we LOVE November! First and foremost, November is the month of giving and gratitude. Hence the phrase, "November-giving." This month, we give thanks and show our appreciation for all that we have (Hello? Thanksgiving, anyone?!). Whether that be for our friends, family, the roof over our heads, or for still being on this magical little ride called, LIFE. It's truly the most humbling time of the year!  
But, besides the yummy food and beautiful get-togethers on Thanksgiving, we also get Black Friday and Cyber Monday this month so that we can kickstart our Holiday shopping. Another thing November is also known for?
Preparation for the magical Holiday season!
As soon as we are all done with Thanksgiving, the rest of the Holidays literally just show up on our doorstep the very next day! Here, at Amara's Enchanted Forest, we know that Holiday shopping can get a little bit stressful as brains get foggy and the panic over gift giving begins. What do we get our mom friends? What about our non-mom friends? What do single women like? What do we get our friends' kids? What do our kids get for their kid friends? What about the pre-teens and teenagers? College girls? The career-driven ones (Hello, all the Girl Bosses!)? So much decision making to do! But don't worry, we are here to help!
To make it easier on all of you out there, the Unicorns from Amara's Enchanted Forest have made a sweet and simple list of cool gift ideas for each type of Queen and Princess in your lives. Along with some AMAZING finds in our shop, we also dug around the World Wide Web and found some REALLY COOL DIY gift ideas for those of you who like to give more personal and handmade little presents.
So let's SHOP + CREATE for the Queens and Princesses in our lives!

For The Boss Queen

Whether the Boss Queen be a single woman completely focused on her career and building herself an empire. Or, whether she be a Boss Mom that runs her own business(es) while raising future little Boss Queens herself...Boss Queens LOVE organization and anything that can make their lives a little bit easier...or simply, a little bit prettier. It's the small little touches that count. What better gift than some AWESOME office supplies?!
We carry an amazing brand called, Effie's Paper (a Black-woman owned small business) that makes the BOLDEST products for all Boss Queens alike. This matte black and rose gold Boss Babe Tumbler and Boss Babe Notebook are the perfect gift duo for that ambitious and confident Boss Queen in your life:
If you want to go bolder because your Boss Queen happens to love color, try this Slay Girl Slay Tumbler instead (also by Effie's Paper). You can pair it with the Good Things Stationary Set (an office essential) and/or with the Peace, Love, and Coconut Oil Pouch (the perfect little cosmetic bag for her daily use). 
And, what if you want to give something with a more personal touch? No problem. Have you ever heard of custom made marble mugs?! Pretty unique, right? Marble designs are trending and every Boss Queen sips on her favorite tea or coffee in the a.m. Make her morning a little brighter with this custom-made gift. And, be aware that this may also turn into a really fun project! Watch YouTuber, WhatsUpMoms show you how to create this beautiful gift idea:

For The Queen Of The House

The Queen of The House is usually the Super Mom that devotes her life to taking care of her household. Meaning, there's a lot of cooking, cleaning, and kids. This Queen is usually exhausted. We honestly don't even know how she does it! The best gift for this Queen is a stylish, easy outfit that she can rock at home and on her runs to the grocery store or to pick up the kids. We have the CUTEST lounge wear from The Mighty Co. that is meant for lounging, but IN STYLE. Give her any of the below apparel pieces that will add a pop of color to cheer her up on even her most stressful days. Plus, her little ones will definitely appreciate the extra little rainbow details! SO CUTE! 
The above The Might Co. apparel is also luxury-quality and a part of the new slow-fashion movement. These pieces will last her for quiet a long time! Go sustainable, high-quality cotton!
If you want to give a more budget-friendly gift, let's give the Queen of The House a relaxing spa-like experience with a combination of our bath products. All the below bath products are from a SUPER AMAZING brand we carry called, Leebrick. Leebrick is a mom-owned small business that hand-makes all their products in small batches right here in the USA! And, all of her products are literally MAGICAL! And, RELAXING!
And, if you really want to give her something handmade and special, make her a beautiful aromatherapy flower candle that will clam her senses and look good in her lovely home! Sounds like a tough DIY project? Not at all! We have a cheat sheet! First, purchase a basic white aromatherapy candle made of a soothing essential oil like lavender or eucalyptus. Then, follow this Hallmark How-To video to create the most beautiful flower candle ever! Imagine the look on your friend's face when you tell her that you made it yourself! How awesome?! In fact, you can make one for each of your close friends!

For The College Queen

This is a newly appointed Queen that is just getting to discover her newfound freedom and adulthood. There are usually two types of College Queens. You have the cute, whimsical, quirky College Queen. And, then you have the always-ready-to-party College Queen. She can also be both! So then either of the below gifts will work for her!
For your cute and quirky Queen, let's get her some FANTASTIC self-affirming and colorful school/office supplies. Taylor Elliot Designs makes the most FUN and COLORFUL pen sets and stationary products. Give her any of the below to get her daily self-affirmations in!
Now, for your always-ready-to-go College Queen, invest in some stunning makeup sets that will leave her in awe! Check out these beautiful Sigma Beauty Holiday Makeup Sets that we carry in our shop: 
Want to custom-make something special for your College Queen? What better gift than a handmade Dorm Room Gift Basket?! Check out talented YouTuber, Tiffany's Tidings as she creates an adorable essentials gift basket under $50!

For The Pre-Queens (Pre-teens + Teenagers)

It may seem a little challenging at first to shop for pre-teens and teenagers, especially if you are not a pre-teen or teenager yourself. "What's even trending these days?!" you ask. Well, a lot of sass! Lucky for you, we carry a lot of sassy brands in our shop, and Smarty Pants Paper Co. is one of them! A combination of any of the below school supplies would make any pre-teen/teenager smile (with all her sass)!
Okay, so what about a DIY option? Pre-Queens are ALL ABOUT their ROOMS. "Room aesthetic" is a highly significant factor in their lives, because to them, it's a way to express themselves and build an inspiring environment at home. So, let's gift them some trendy, TikTok-worthy room decor trinkets! Check out this highly-recommended YouTuber, Kenna Marie as she makes some artsy-fartsy pieces for her own bedroom.

For The Little Princess

Now, the funnest person to shop for: The Little Princess!!!

Whether the Little Princess in your life be your own daughter, granddaughter, Goddaughter, niece, or little sister, let's face it: It's A TOTAL BLAST dressing her up! Check out these beautiful party dresses from our shop that you can gift her this year and she can double as next year's Holiday event outfits:

Want more options from our shop? What about BAGS?! We have backpacks, pouches, and even girls' handbags! Unicorn-themed, butterfly-themed, you name it, we have it! Any of the below OMG Accessories bags will easily have her WANTING to go to school just to show off her brand new accessories! 
Want to go old-school and gift her with toys? Here are some more options: give her these SWEET dolls or these SUPER FUN plushies from brands like Kind Culture Co. and Aurora World
Enough products from our shop? No problem! No offense taken!
Kids these days are ABSOLUTELY CRAZY about FIDGETS! Below is a great video (over 4 million views!) on DIY projects creating popular fidgets from TikTok (their new favorite app). THIS will be a fun! Enjoy! 
Now, those were a decent amount of gift ideas to get you all started on Holiday shopping for the Queens and Princesses in your lives! Please comment below if you have any great additional ideas you would like to share! ANY comments/questions are welcome. Please keep them friendly, positive, and kid-conscious! 

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