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Amara’s Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
It's almost Mother's Day! Have you gathered all your Mother's Day gifts yet? One for your mom, some for your mom friends, and don't forget about yourself! It's YOUR day! And, yes, pet moms count! You all are QUEENS!
Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift(s)? No worries! We have A BUNCH of cool and unique products in our SHOP for every type of mom you may be shopping for! Including, yourself. Wink, wink!
Amara's Enchanted Forest (AEF) carries unique and fun products from, what we like to call, unicorn brands. The unicorn brands we carry, as beautiful and magical as unicorns, are either mom-owned, women-owned, family-owned, Black-owned, AAPI-owned, POC-owned, environmentally responsible, socially aware, small businesses, and/or come with a very positive message! They're the perfect brands to shop when searching for eccentric gifts for women you love and adore, like moms!
Below, we have broken down the general types of moms you usually run across and THE PERFECT gifts for them! Hope you pick up an idea or two! Enjoy!
And, Happy Mother's Day!

The Trend-Setting Mama 

Amara’s Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
Let's start with the trend-setting fashionista mama! This mom somehow turns every small get-together into her personal runway show. Her style is impeccable and she loves to match with her Little Princess. She probably takes a decent amount of pictures for Instagram and uses #minime. And, we're totally here for it! You do you, Queen!
Does this Queen of Style mommy sound familiar? Well, we've got beautiful apparel pieces just for her!
Amara’s Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
Gorgeous dresses with breath-taking color schemes, right? We've recently added brands like Pippy, Flying Tomato, and ModaPosa into our SHOP. All, women-owned small businesses that design and/or carry the most unique pieces. Select any of our dresses to WOW your trendy mama. We promise you that she will LOVE a statement piece!
Also, check out these SUPER COOL mommy blogs emphasizing style and fashion for moms:

The Whimsical Mama

Amara’s Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Oh, how we LOVE the sweet, bubbly, and whimsical mama! This Queen has that beautiful, cheerful soul. She brings joy and positive energy wherever she goes. She's the mom friend everyone wants to be around. Her parenting style is free-spirited and uplifting. You (and the kids) can't help but smile and laugh whenever you're around her. She probably loves color and may have a very fun and whimsical style.

We have THE CUTEST accessories for this energetic and wholesome mommy in our SHOP!
Amara’s Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
Check out our accessories from Yellow Owl Workshop, a woman-owned small business based out of San Fransisco, California. This brand is run and owned by an artist that designs jewelry and socks with a bold, positive message. All high-quality accessories that are PERFECT for the whimsical mama! Also, the packaging is BEYOND ADORABLE! Cork screw glass bottles?! How unique and creative?! Shop the above magical accessories HERE.

The Mom Boss

Amara’s Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Okay, now it's time for that full-time boss + full-time mom = The Mom Boss. The mama that earns an income and still somehow manages to be a full-time Queen of the house. The mom with her own business, passionate about her career, or the mom that simply hustles without pause at whatever job she's taken on! We get it, she's THE BOSS. So why not show her just that?
Amara's Enchanted Forest (AEF) has the most FUN and UNIQUE office products to brighten up any workspace. We carry an amazing brand called, Effie's Paper. It's a Black woman-owned small business that emulates power and positivity. Plus, it's super bold and colorful! We carry her line of Boss Babe products, which include the sleekest matte black + rose gold tumbler and mini notebook - a fantastic gift for the Mom Boss! Also, other cute and vibrant products fit for the working mom! 
And, while we are on the topic of the Mom Boss, we HAD to share the following inspiring #momboss blogs with you:

The #SelfCare Mama

Amara’s Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Self-care and self-love are the new trendy movements on social media that have gained an instant following. And, why shouldn't they? The concept is awesome! After 3 years of dealing with a pandemic, including being isolated in our homes for months on end, there has also become an epidemic of mental health issues. Self-care and self-love seem to be a natural way of combatting the increased rates of anxiety and depression. Well, we LOVE the movement and we are here for it! 
You have probably seen certain moms preaching left and right for mommy self-care. Well, hurray for self-care preaching mama's! We have some amazing products for those advocates! Also, please note that our recommended magical products for self-care moms can also be great gifts for moms that NEED some self-care in their lives. You can gift these items to moms who always seem stressed and anxious. Let's continue on this healthy trend by introducing it to those who need it most! 
So, when it comes to self-care, you can practice self-care in various ways. Some of the most common ways is via your skincare routine, beauty regime, bath time, and updating the ambiance in your home. Let's show you what we've got to achieve these goals!
Above, you will see makeup sets, bath products, a gorgeous unicorn candle, and perfume from our SHOP.
We carry a beautiful line of Sigma Beauty makeup products. Makeup is such an empowering method of self-care! How amazing do you feel once you've applied a fresh face of makeup? Doesn't your day go by so much more smoothly? We're not saying you need makeup to look great or feel good, but it helps you accentuate your features and SEE the beauty that you already have. And, that confidence it builds is fantastic! Makeup makes a lot of moms feel good about themselves, so why not gift it?
Another great, and the go-to, self-care gift is anything pertaining to bath time! It's all about those bath bombs, shower steamers, and fancy soaps. And, we have plenty of those! We carry a very heartfelt brand called, Leebrick. Leebrick is owned by supermom, Alicia. Alicia designed a whole line of bath products to create a way for her to communicate with her nonverbal daughter with PURA syndrome. And, ALL of her bath bombs smell INCREDIBLE!
Now, let's talk self-care gifts that help change the ambiance of a home. Also, AROMATHERAPY, because who doesn't love aromatherapy? We carry a gorgeous unicorn candle that burns to reveal its skeletal structure by 54 Celsius. This gift is simply distinctive and magical. It will brighten up any room (literally) with joy and wonder. As for aromatherapy, we carry an enchanting line of perfumes from Harvey Prince Organics. Not only are these fragrances clean and organic, they're filled with citrus and fruity notes to help the Queen Mama energize throughout her day via aromatherapy. Pretty cool, right?
And, in case your that mama who needs some serious self-care in her life, but refuses to take time out for herself, here are some amazing articles to change your mind:

That's all, folks! Have an AMAZING Mother's Day! We hope that you were able to pull an idea or two for a much deserved Mother's Day gift.

Sending a virtual HUG to all the beautiful moms out there!

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