How To Get Kids To Wear Their Face Masks & Keep 'Em On

New times call for new measures
Having trouble getting your little ones to wear their masks? And then, more trouble getting them to keep them on? We know, it's been a struggle. It's 2022 and we are still pandemic-ridden. Yes, it's hitting year #3! But it's still as important as ever to continue wearing face masks, for both parents and their kiddies.

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Some parents have been able to figure out a way to get their kids to wear face masks and keep them on. Others have almost given up. But, it's important to get into the habit of covering your nose and mouth as a new COVID-19 variant seems to be emerging almost every season. It's not only important for adults, but also for kids. We want our Queens and Princesses, everyone in between, and everyone out of the box to stay safe. Below, are some tips and guides to help you to get the little ones to wear their face masks and KEEP THEM ON.
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1) Educate them using child-friendly language

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Explain the pandemic and the importance of a mask by using child-friendly language. Children usually want to know the reasons behind why they are being asked to do something. Make the explanation positive so that you don't end up scaring your little ones, but still make sure you press the importance of wearing face masks. Visuals are a great way to help kids understand. Kids these days are OBSESSED with YouTube, so utilize the various videos available on YouTube that basically do all the explanation work for you! See some amazing videos we found:

2) Engage and involve them

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Model mask wearing with your kids and practice through play. Certified Mott child life specialist, Mary Harwood says that "while words are important, children process emotions and learn through play." She recommends planning ahead for outings and playing pretend to prepare children. For example, if you are about to take your Little Princess to a doctor's appointment, play doctor and patient while including the practice of keeping face masks on at all times. Same goes for school, daycare, shopping trips, etc. You can really engage your kids in this lesson and turn it into true play by involving their favorite plushies, dolls, or action figures. Play dress up too! Practice makes perfect, especially when practice is fun! 

Another pointer: Really listen to your children during these mask-practicing play sessions. It's a great way for you to find out how well they are understanding and feeling about everything going on today.

3) Let them pick and make it fun

Start considering face masks as an essential accessory for their daily use, but make it fun for them! Let them pick their own masks and make it a fashion statement! Let them express their style and individuality by allowing them to choose their own masks and match them with their little outfits. Provide multiple mask options in different colors, prints, etc. Kids will wear what they love! Get their masks in their favorite colors or with their favorite fictional characters on them. You can find SO MANY variations of face masks today. Do they love unicorns? Get them a unicorn face mask! We have some great options in our shop! Or, do they love Baby Shark? Trust us when we say that you CAN find a Baby Shark mask for them out there! Think of a mask as a new wardrobe necessity and INVEST in what your kids will willingly and openly wear. After all, it's for their safety.

Also, make sure to help them pick masks that make them FEEL COMFORTABLE. Listen to your kids when they say that their mask is too small, too tight, too big, getting in the way of their mouth, not breathable, or has irritating ear straps. You really need to find face masks that they will wear FOR FUN AND FOR COMFORT. 

Amara's Enchanted Forest carries SUPER FUN face masks for kids that are made in both BREATHABLE and COMFORTABLE fabrications. You can check them out in The Princess's Masks section of our website!

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Other ways to make mask-wearing enjoyable for the kiddies is to match with them! Mommy and me, anyone? #minime
Or, you can help them MAKE A FASHION STATEMENT by accessorizing with beautiful mask chains! Mask chains are not only fun new jewelry for kids, but they're also a great way to keep masks from getting lost.
See the adorable Mom+Me face mask set we carry, along with our super cute mask chains for kids!
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4) Reward them...verbally

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Now, when we say reward them, we don't mean give them a cookie every time they wear a mask and keep it on. That might not be the most healthiest solution. It's more important to verbally let them know how proud you are of them. Also, to explain the good they have done by wearing a mask and keeping it on in public. Children are more intelligent than you think. When they know they have done a good deed and they know that they have made you proud, they will be more willing to wear their masks again and keep them on. 

Physical rewards may include taking your kiddies on a cool little trip (park, movies, etc.) on the weekend if they wear their mask properly and regularly for the entire school week. If you need to give physical incentives, it's better to do on a weekly basis so they have the push to wear their masks for the whole week, instead of going day by day. Verbal appreciation and recognition is more valuable for day-to-day rewards. You may be surprised on how affective verbal confirmation is. Add some clapping, cheering, and dancing to see that adorable face light up!

5) Make sure they keep their masks on at school 

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This is a big one! The most important place to wear a face mask and keep it on: SCHOOL. Kids spend most of their day in school and around other kids. Schools were originally a breeding ground for the virus, and still are for other illnesses. The bright side to wearing face masks in school is that kids will also be less sick overall, even when it comes to the common cold or the seasonal flu. If your child has allergies, face masks will also help during allergy season. 
We know that face masks in schools have been a heated topic lately. But during these new and odd times, it's best to be safe, especially when it comes to children. There have been no studies showing that face masks are harmful to kids, just annoying. But you can fix that by educating your kids, playing practice with them, giving them the power to choose their own masks, and rewarding them with verbal appreciation. If we all keep our face masks on for just a little bit longer, we may be able to save the rest of the world and get back to our old norms sooner than later. 
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