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Don't Forget About The Magic of Imagination

Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef engage child's creative mind creativity imagination

Hi there! Today, we are here to discuss a child’s CREATIVE mind. Why? Well, because the child’s creative mind happens to be overlooked way too many times in today’s fast pace and competitive environment. The child’s creative mind is the key to a brighter, kinder, and more compassionate future for all of humankind. At Amara’s Enchanted Forest (AEF), we push to engage both the parent and child’s imagination. Not just through our magical products, but also through our pop-up shops, social media, email blast, and blog posts. We want all our Queens and Princesses to exercise their beautiful creative abilities. But especially, little ones, because they are our hope for a better tomorrow.
Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef engage child's creative mind creativity imagination
Everything starts with today’s children. The future of this planet and society is DEPENDENT on these beautiful little souls. Creativity and imagination are the keys to raising a strong-willed, ambitious, aware, kind, compassionate, and healthily optimistic generation. And, all of this can be accomplished by just allowing and engaging the imaginative thought process through today’s kids. The creative mind is also a fundamental aspect of a happy and full life. And when people are happy, they tend to want to share and spread that happiness, usually also always accompanied by kindness and compassion. So, let’s take a small break from going bananas over your little one’s academic life, and take a minute to reflect on the importance of their creative minds.
So what is this the world without imagination? We’ll tell you! A very, very boring and sad place!
Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef engage child's creative mind creativity imagination
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average child in the USA spends 6.64 hours in school. This average increases as the school grade increases. The average child in the USA also spends 180 days in school. That’s about 50% of their life in a classroom. Don’t get us wrong, education is a highly important aspect of a child’s life. In no way or form are we trying to minimize the significance of a good education. We’re just saying to not forget about their creative engagement in the process, because creative learning is also just as significant as academics. It’s also FUN. And, children need FUN!
Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef engage child's creative mind creativity imagination
Below are some AMAZING benefits of when you consistently and constantly encourage and engage a child’s creative mind:
  • Healthy and faster brain development - Yes, creativity and imagination make a child smarter!
  • Improvement in cognitive abilities - Again, improvements in general intelligence!
  • The foundation for an innovative mind. - “Imagination is more important than knowledge” Quote by Einstein himself!
  • Stronger problem-solving capabilities
  • Improved communication skills when it comes to their thoughts, experiences, and ideas
  • A more extended vocabulary and a stronger memory
  • Advanced social skills - Hence, a boost of confidence!
  • Advancement in fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and hand-eye coordination
  • Progressive problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking skills
  • Higher emotional intelligence – The building blocks for empathy!
  • Optimized mental health – Less chances of an anxious and/or depressed child.
  • Experience and learning about the world outside of just school – Hello, the real world!
Pretty amazing benefits of nurturing a creative mind, right? Read more about all the beneficial affects of engaging a child’s creativity in these amazing articles we sourced the above information from:
Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef engage child's creative mind creativity imagination
So, now that we know the importance of engaging a child’s creative mind, how do we actually do it? Well, for one, let them be kids! Kids have a natural ability to use their imaginations and create their own magical worlds. Let them play. Let them pick their own outfits. Let them paint and prosper. Let them sing, dance, and use whatever musical instrument makes them happy! The key is in listening, allowing, and encouraging children. That’s how you engage them. If you want some inspirational ideas and methods, we’ve come up with our TOP 4 favorite ways to help engage the child’s creative mind. Let’s get started! We’re so excited!

1) Let them be artsy-fartsy

Art will always be one of the best ways to exercise the creative part of the human brain, especially in developing human brains. According to Art In Context, art is a universal language that allows for self-expression and assists in education and human development. And, encouraging artistic activities with kids is so easy because it comes so naturally to them! Allow them to paint and color away! Provide the tools to give them this amazing ability to discover their inner Picassos! Not every child will grow up to be an artist, but giving them this tool at a young age allows for general cognitive development, engages them in creative thinking, and allows them to practice using their imagination and think outside of the box!

Amara’s Enchanted Forest (AEF) carries an amazing woman-owned and socially responsible brand called, Ooly, which develops the most engaging kids’ arts & crafts supplies in today’s market. Please check out some of the magical products we carry from Ooly below. These products can easily aid in stimulating your little one’s creative, along with adding an amazing smile to their adorable faces!

Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef Ooly Kids Arts & Crafts Supplies Creative Creativity Engage Mind Imagination

If you want to get even more creative with your kids, you can check out this brilliant video by 5-Minute Crafts Play that provides unique ideas for kids’ art projects:

There are about a hundred more similar videos like this one above. Click HERE for more fun and inspirational arts & crafts videos!

2) Provide creative school supplies

    Another great way to engage the child’s creative mind (with less cleaning up of the aftermath) is to provide your little ones with creative and unique school supplies that will inspire their imaginative spirit even when doing math equations. Academics is very important, but so is adding a little sparkle and color into their hard-working days in the classroom. How much more fun would a child have when taking a test with a RAINBOW THEME no.2 pencil? Or, practicing their penmanship with pens that scream, “YOU GOT THIS!” in bold capital letters? Or, even note-taking in vibrant notebooks with RADIATE HAPPINESS embossed on the cover? Kids love fun things and they love to have fun. And, since the academic environment can be a little tedious and rigorous, some super fun school supplies will only elevate their moods and motivate them to finish their not-so-fun assignments! See the fun and quirky school supplies we carry from small businesses like Ooly, Smarty Pants Co., and Duncun Shotton.

    Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef Taylor Elliot Designs Engage creative mind creativity imagination school office work supplies Ooly Duncun Shotton

    Also, when your kids are doing their homework and seem to be struggling to stay on track, tug at their creative strings by playing some inspiring background music. This will automatically motivate them to keep going and finish their work! It’s the same concept as playing your gym playlist to get through your workouts. Some soothing, yet motivational sound therapy will push your kids to stay awake and get their assigments done! See the below smooth, happy jazz playlist by Songs of Birdland that was created to be background music for your hard-working (or, not-so-hard-working) little one:

    3) Let them have their playtime

      Playtime is more important for a kid’s development than one would think! The American Academy of Pediatrics actually pushes pediatricians to emphasize the importance of play as the time kids spend playing has unfortunately gone down because of “a hurried lifestyle, changes in family structure, and increased attention to academics and enrichment activities at the expense of recess or free child-centered play.” Playtime is VERY IMPORTANT in child development because it has a huge role in a child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth. It’s through playtime that your little ones learn to engage and interact with the world around them. Remember creating an imaginary world as a child? That’s when you learned to conquer your fears. It’s when you gained a sense of confidence and taught yourself about the world you live in. Without this experience of play and imagination, how does a child even grow into a fully functioning, healthy adult? There is a reason as to why DOCTORS push for play in children!

      Now, engaging your children in play is an easy one. This one will come naturally to them. Your job is basically to allow it and encourage it. Also, to provide the tools for play. So, say hello to lots of TOYS!

      We have some great examples of creative toys from our shop that can easily stimulate any child’s imagination! We carry Aurora World, a brand that has an amazing abundance of varying magical plushies. Each plushie line has a different storyline and comes from a uniquely curated magical universe. Our Auora World Tokidoki Unicornos are our best sellers! We also carry the amazing mom-owned small business, Kind Culture Co., which designs dolls that encourage the spread of kindness, gratitude, love, hope, and friendship through adorable little tokens that kids can hand out and collect.

       Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef creative mind creativity imagination toys toy plush plushies doll dolls kids children child aurora world tokidoki unicorns

      Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef creative mind creativity imagination toys toy plush plushies doll dolls kids children child aurora world tokidoki unicorns

      Another amazing way to engage kids in play is during bath time! Some kids dread bath time and others love it. We’re guessing the little ones that love bath time are the ones that are encouraged to play and use it as a tool to exercise their imaginations. So, get your kids those cool bath bombs and unique cupcake-shaped soap! Let your kids pick their own vibrant toothbrushes! And, NEVER let something as magical as an imaginative bath time experience slip between your child’s slippery little fingers! 

      Check out our unique The Future Is Bamboo rainbow toothbrushes:

      Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef creative mind creativity imagination child children kid kids little girls bamboo rainbow unicorn toothbrush toothbrushes

      Also, here is a SUPER COOL glimpse at at how our best-selling Over The Rainbow Bath Bomb is made by Leebrick:

      Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef creative mind creativity imagination child children kid kids little girls leebrick bathtime bath bombs bomb soap rainbow cloud cupcake donuts

      4) Get them fun outfits of THEIR choice

        Fashion is a form of art, and as we learned in the beginning of this blog post, art is necessary for creative development. We know that a preschooler may not come up with the most matching and appropriate outfit for school. But, you can create a balance between their choices and yours. But when they’re home and over weekends, let them have more control over their style. Let them discover their own taste. Purchasing more fun and unique children’s apparel that will inspire your kids is another great way to encourage their creative and imaginative thinking. For example, we have outfits themed after clouds, stars, rainbows, and unicorns. The below are types of clothing that will bring a smile to your child’s face along with inspire their creative abilities.

        Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef creative mind creativity imagination child children kid kids little girl girls apparel fashion style clothing brands Hannah Banana baby Sara truly me

        Above are outfits from AAPI-owned brands that we carry. This includes Hannah Banana, Truly Me, and Baby Sara.

        Now, it’s not all about the clothing. A good outfit also includes jewelry and accessories! Let your kids pick out their own earrings and handbags to go with their magical outfits! Let these magical pieces from their royal wardrobe inspire and push the boundaries of their creative minds.

        Check out these super cool accessories we carry in our shop by Girl NationTruly Me, and OMG Accessories:

        Amara's Enchanted Forest AEF shopaef creative mind creativity imagination child children kid kids little girl girls accessories jewelry necklace earrings purses bags handbags bag handbag purse Hannah Banana truly me girl nation omg accessories New York

        So, we showed you how to get your child’s creative mind flowing through art, creative school supplies, music, playtime, bath time, and dress-up time! Now, it’s your turn to take this newfound knowledge and apply it to your little one’s everyday life. By doing so, you will help your kids grow and develop at a healthy rate, along with raising a more emotionally intelligent, compassionate, open-minded, aware, and ambitious generation.
        Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 
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