Last Minute Costume Ideas + First Post

Hi, all of our Unicorn Queens and Princesses! 

We are so excited to connect with all of you on a deeper level with our AEF blog! Stay tuned as we dive in on various magical topics such as fashion, style, beauty, work/school, and so much more! Please feel free to engage as well by commenting and letting us know your opinions. All questions and comments are welcome! Please, try to keep it friendly and positive. :)
Let's start with Halloween! Is everyone prepared? Costumes ready? Taking all preventative measures during the pandemic? Make sure you keep those masks on! And, we're not talking about your costumes! Where are you all going Trick 'o Treating? Or, are you going to a small party/get-together to be a bit safer? Let us know!
Also, do any of you need some good last minute costume ideas?! We have some AMAZING ones for your Little Princess (girls/kids) and some for The Queen (women/adult) herself too! Sometimes, the best ideas are the most creative ones using things you simply already own. Or, a combination of things you own plus things you create yourself! DIY project, anyone?! We know how much all of you love our unique apparel pieces, so we came up with a couple of little costume ideas of our own, blended with some amazing DIY projects we found online! If you don't own any of our product, what are you waiting for?! Shop HERE. Or, you can simply use similar clothing you already have at home. No pressure!

Our Little, Last-Minute Costume Ideas:

1) Be a UNICORN - Duh?!

Some of our best sellers are our Unicorn theme dresses. You can easily double these as magical additions to her wardrobe, PLUS a cute Halloween costume! Pick the out-of-this-world Unicorn-theme dress that comes with the CUTEST matching purse! Or, pick the fun, tie-dye Unicorn-theme dress. Both are beautiful options with lots of sparkle (high-quality rhinestones that stay on for multiple washes and play!).

And, you can pair these with a DIY Unicorn Horn Headband! Check out this amazing tutorial we found on Youtube!

2) Be a RAINBOW in someone else's cloud - literally!

What is the most common symbol of happiness and acceptance? A beautiful RAINBOW! And, we have THE CUTEST rainbow-theme attire!


All you really have to do is throw your Little Princess in one of the above outfits and do a little FACE PAINTING! Check out this tutorial on how to EASILY create a rainbow on her (and even your) beautiful face!

3) A Beautiful Butterfly Princess - So whimsical!

Butterflies are some the most magical creatures in our reality, therefore why not be a magical, Beautiful Butterfly Princess?! Start by using the below pieces from our shop to create the foundation for your Little Princess's look. You can even throw in the faux leather jacket to make it a more rebellious look for Halloween!

And, for your DIY project...why not create a magical crown using butterflies?! CLICK HERE to check out the amazing DIY article on creating a beautiful butterfly headband. Just remember to use a kids size headband for your little one!

DIY Butterfly Headband from the blog, Untouchable:


4) A Cloud Fairy - Yes, "awwww" is right!

Want a more sweet and softer look? Try this adorable combo to make her into an adorable Cloud Fairy. The pullover sweater has the most magical cloud and falling star embellishments and the skirt is layers of beautiful sparkly mesh.

And, want to see the COOLEST DIY project for this look? Check out how easy it is to turn an umbrella into an enchanted storm cloud! Just make sure to apply this unique DIY method to a kids size umbrella. Also, maybe go easy on the LED lights or eliminate them if your child is very young. A normal cloud will be super cute as well! Maybe get creative and add a DIY rainbow or stars on the top to make up for eliminating the lights!

5) "On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink!" - Hello, Mean Girls reference!

Who hasn't seen Mean Girls? Who doesn't constantly quote Mean Girls? It was one epic satire created by a force of powerful women. And, it's still quite a hit to this day! So why not be a walking poster child for the infamous, sassy quote, "On Wednesdays, we wear pink." Plus, you get to wear PINK! Yay!

You can mix and match any of the below eye-catching The Mighty Co. pieces from our shop. For this look, you can also even pull from pink separates you have at home. This one is SO EASY to do.

And, what better DIY project than to create an official Burn Book to take with you for the night?

Check out these DIY instructions by the Crafty Little Gnome

Or is a book too annoying to carry around all night (or day)? You can do a bag too! Look how Theatre Nerds make a Burn Book-inspired tote bag!

Hope you all enjoyed our little costume ideas! Before we take off, just one more thing: STAY SAFE! We have so many trendy face masks that you can pair along side many magical costumes. We even have a cute Mom+Me set



So please, stay safe! And, have TONS of fun this Halloween! 

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